28 June 2006

Henry J Bean's, Pattaya, Thailand

Name: Henry J Beans
City: Pattaya, Thailand
Address: Amari Hotel, North Beach Road

Website: http://www.amari.com/airport/henrybean.asp

Cuisine: Western, steaks, ribs

Critique: Unfortunately, the very worst thing about this restaurant is that it is NOT open for lunch! It doesn't open until 5 pm. The next worst thing is that due to some weird loop-hole, they allow smoking inside the restaurant, contrary to all other restaurants in Thailand. Now, those are the worse things; here are the best things: The food is great. The wait-staff is friendly, their is a good variety of items on the menu. They include soft drinks on their Happy Hour. They have a live band that starts at at 7 or 7:30.

The restaurant is kid friendly and has a decent children's menu. The chronic complaint that my children (and wife) always seemed to have was that it was "too cold". I can think of a lot worse complaints!

They have a good selection of steaks and a respectable Mexican fare. My family has enjoyed the fajitas. My kids also enjoy their nachos. Their dessert menu is nothing to sneeze at either. The cheese cake is very good.

They have an old fashioned juke box which can be a lot of fun for large groups. Just be sure to bring an abundant supply of "one baht" coins. They have a great selection of golden oldies from the 50's all the way up through the 80's. Anyone can find a favorite if they spend a minute to look.

I think my favorite thing about the restaurant, besides the quality of food, is the way the waiters all shout "FA HEE TAAH, FA HEE TAAH" when they bring out the fajitas. It is shouted in a distinctly Thai accent and quite enjoyable.

Comments/Recommendations: I recommend the fajitas without reservation. I have enjoyed their steaks. The ribs are very good, although not as good as Tony Roma's. I would also recommend families to arrive early to beat the "party crowd". I was astonished to see a rather lewd and vulgar decoration at Halloween time last year. Remember, this restaurant is in the heart of Gomorra and often the clientele show that fact.

Rating: 4 Fries

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