14 February 2008

Great American Rib Company

Name: Great American Rib Company
City: Pattaya, Thailand
Address: Tepprasit Road

Cuisine: American BBQ

Critique: Given that this restaurant is very close to the hotel we stay at, the location is fabulous. The staff is friendly, and service is very fast, even in groups of 50+. The ribs are great, though not as tender as I would like. They are tender, but I prefer them literally falling of the bone. These took a fork and knife to remove the meat cleanly. The food, however, tastes great.

Comments/Recommendations: The BBQ ribs are great, stick with a half slab, it is plenty. If with a large group, I definitely recommend the family platter. Feeds 6 - 8 easily!

Rating: 4 Fries