31 January 2009

The Hungry Traveler

Name: Hungry Traveler Restaurant
City:Henryetta, OK, USA
Address: I-40 Exit 237, Henryetta, OK 74437

Website: None

Cuisine: Comfort

Critique: The restaurant has a vast traditional American fare menu, serving breakfast, lunch and supper. They have daily specials of home-cooked favorites, like chicken and dumplings, meatloaf, and fried chicken. The staff was extremely courteous and attentive.

Their breakfast menu included an option for unlimited pancakes, along with traditional favorites. Breakfast is served anytime, but biscuits are only available before 11 am. The bacon was perfectly crisp but not overcooked. The pancakes may have been made up in advance, for one of them had a hard-ish rim. They cooked my over-medium eggs perfectly. The hash browns were average.

Their lunch and dinner menu is extensive, ranging from sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, chili, meatloaf and steaks. I had the 12 oz rib eye. I thought it to be on the pricey side for a truck stop diner. My steak, coffee and tip came to $24. The steak was tender and cooked to a perfect medium well. The flavor was lacking and I was obligated to use sauce. The baked potato was huge and included standard toppings. The salad that came with the meal was a standard dinner salad, but included some very large crouton-like bread pieces. It included two very large dinner rolls.

The dessert cabinet was filled with home-made pies and cake. The cream pies had no less than 6 inches of meringue topping. Other patrons seemed to enjoy it.

Comments/Recommendations: I ate here twice; dinner and breakfast. I was stuck on the interstate due to icy road conditions. There were much worse places to be stuck. We counted it a blessing that the restaurant was right next door to the motel.

While it was a bit pricey for the steaks, the rest of the menu seemed to be in line with expectations. Overall, the food was very good. If it were in Chiang Mai or Hong Kong, it would have rated 4 fries. I'm not sure it would have even made 5 fries in China. However, here in the USA, it will only receive a 3 fry rating. This is due to the priceyness of the steaks and the diner atmosphere. I would not have a problem eating here on a regualar basis.

This restaurant is reviewed because of the name only and for the fact that a picture of it had been previously listed on this blog.

Rating: 3 Fries