23 June 2006

China Palace Restaurant, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Name: China Palace Restaurant,
City: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Address: Sheraton Hotel, 318/1 Chiang Mai-Lampoon Road

Website: http://www.sheraton-chiangmai.com/

Cuisine: Cantonese

Critique: This is a great place to eat! For three years, the staff of the China Palace pampered my family. Their keen attention to our needs and preferences always guaranteed us an excellent dining experience. They also always seemed to treat us even more special when we brought guests.

The Cantonese cuisine is the best Chinese food in Chiang Mai. They have a decent dim sum for lunch daily, but they really shine on their traditional Cantonese fare. They are exceptionally family friendly and always doted on my children. Early on, before my children began to appreciate Cantonese food, they even brough the makings of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my younger daughter. And, they only charged 80 baht ($2) which wasn't bad considering PB&J's are NOT on the menu.

The atmosphere is very nice, although they tend to play the same cd over and over for their background music. I think that is really my only complaint about the restaurant is the music, and then, it isn't really all that bad.

The staff have gone overboard to take care of my family. The food is delicious and is always fresh and hot. The prices are cheap compared to comparable restaurants in the US or HK. The ambiance is delightful.

Comments/Recommendations: I highly recommend the sweet and sour pork, the roasted pork with honey, and their Thai style spring rolls. Their hot and sour sichuan soup tends to be much more hot than sour and sometimes it is simply too spicy for me. This restaurant, the staff and mangament have EARNED themselves:

Rating: 5 Fries

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