23 June 2006

Sojo's, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Name: Sojo's
City: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Address: 169/4-5 Sridoncha Road Changklan A. Muang
(behind Phantip Plaza at the night bazaar)

Website: unknown

Cuisine: Western, Thai

Critique: This restaurant coffee house is a source of good "down home cookin". It is the only place I know of in Thailand with fried okra on the menu. They have great hamburgers, chicken fingers, and chicken fried rice. I personally think that their carrot cake is the best in town. I have often said that I thought they had the best hamburger in Asia. I will modify to say the best in Chiang Mai. They have a good breakfast menu available all day.

The prices are good to reasonable and they have a bottomless cup of coffee during lunch. They are extremely kid friendly and the waitresses/waiters do a good job in English. The children's menu is adequate and includes a (very good) cookie. I would say that I ate there on a semi-weekly basis for three years and only ever had a few complaints.

They are often crowded on a weekday at lunch and at "American dinner time". One plus is that they do not serve alcohol of any kind.

Upstairs is a coffee house and Wi/Fi source. They have numerous board games as well.

Comments/Recommendations: I recommend the Sojo burger with sauteed onions and bacon. They are a little skimpy on their french fries. I also recommend the carrot cake (see above). I am a little disappointed/aggravated that there is now a sign requesting you to tip. This is rather strange in a country where it is not culturally appropriate to tip. Go figure.

UPDATE: I just read on a blog where one expat family calls Sojo's "the Cracker Barrel of Chiang Mai". Well said.

Rating: 3 Fries

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Tim said...

I'd have to agree. This is a great place to eat "home cooking" as Rick says.
Be careful of the ice tea and other drinks which if you get them sweet are very sweet - practically syrup.