16 August 2006

Roma's Bar & Grill, Shekou

Name: Roma's Bar & Grill, Shekou
City: Shekou, Shenzhen, China
Address: At the back of Taizi Hotel. Taizi Rd. Shekou

Website: unknown

Cuisine: steaks, varied

Critique: The convenient location of Roma's is one of the selling points of this delightful little restaurant. I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the decor/ambiance. The menu, while not extensive, did provide a generous selection of steaks. It also had a small Italian, Tex-Mex and pizza selection. The tables were covered with paper and each had a small cup of crayons for the kiddies (or creative grownups).

I haven't had particularly good luck getting a steak cooked the way I want or expect, but I was pleasantly surprized to find my medium-well steak actually medium well. The baked potato was not over or under cooked and had an American selection of toppings, including real bacon bits.

Comments/Recommendations: I truly recommend the ribeye steak with baked potato. However, I want comment on the child appropriateness of Roma's. Each table, in addition to the crayons, is also decorated with a nice candle dripped bottle of some sort. The bottle is extremely unstable and can turn over at the slightest knock. When the bottle on my table turned over, it drenched me in hot wax. It covered my hand, my shirt, and my plate, not to mention the wall behind me. Accidents do happen, although I was just a tad dissapointed with the management who offered nothing in the way of compensation. I'll readily agree that they didn't "have" to do or offer anything, but the hot wax treatment did tend to ruin my evening.

Rating: 3 Fries

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