16 August 2006

Papa John's, Shekou

Name: Papa John's
City: Shekou, China
Address: Central Plaza, Sea World, next to the Ming Hua

Website: http://papajohns.com/

Cuisine: American Pizza

Critique: A great taste of home! Excellent decor. Actually, an upscale restaurant, if you didn't know it was Papa John's. The best tasting pizza I've had in Asia.

Comments/Recommendations: I don't normally review a chain restaurant, but this one is here for two reasons: I want you to know that it is available in Shekou; and it really does taste just like it does in the States, unlike Pizza Hut, which simply isn't the same. This truly is an exception. There is at least one other branch in Central Garden City next to Wal-Mart in Shekou and I have seen one in Shanghai. Now, if it would just come to Hong Kong!

Rating: 4 Fries

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