16 August 2006

Parana BBQ, Shekou, China

Name: Parana BBQ
City: Shekou, China
Address: Astern, directly under the main bridge, inside the Ming Hua, Sea World, Shekou, China

Website: unknown

Cuisine: Brazilian Bar-b-que

Critique: The best part of this restaurant is that it is in the Ming Hua. The Ming Hua is the large former Russian passenger ship that has been turned into a hotel. I sat next to a port-hole. The developers of this hotel/restaurant extravaganza have done a terrific job on the hotel part and the restaurants. The hotel is quite posh and the rooms are actually two converted state rooms.

Now, the restaurant. I suppose that Parana is a nice phonetic attempt at spelling "Pirhanna", but you must at least be close for spell check to work. The waiters are made to wear the ridiculous cowboy uniforms that have become mandatory for Chinese Brazilian BBQ's. There was a large selection of meats and one of them was very, very good. One selection was small pieces of beef wrapped in bacon. It was almost as good as the same done with chicken. Speaking of chicken, I was a little disappointed to see how much unidentifiable chicken parts were presented on the BBQ swords.

In addition to the swords, like most restaurants of this style, a buffet is available. This particular buffet is lacking in all areas except for a very nice dinner roll. The wait-staff is friendly enough and the "cowboys" come by bearing their swords frequently enough to not let you get too hungry between servings.

Comments/Recommendations: The novelty of this restaurant is enough to bring you there one time, but it quickly wears off. There are three items on their swords that is worth the wait, but you can quickly pass on most everything else. Even their cooked banana and pineapple could be better. Again, the best part of the Parana is that it is in the bow of a ship.

Rating: 2 Fries

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