08 July 2006

First Bite Sandwich Expert, Macau

Name: First Bite Sandwich Expert
City: Macau
Address: Rua do Monte 2-2A R/C

Website: Unknown

Cuisine: Western, Sandwich

Critique: This place has real potential. I ate there on two occasions, recognizing that this restaurant cannot handle a larger group. First and foremost, the first time there was the best sandwich I have had at any restaurant in Asia. I had smoked pork & mozzarella on a giant croissant. It was incredible. The croissant was just what you would expect at a great deli/sandwich place. I was really impressed. What I was not impressed with was that it took about 45 minutes to get my sandwich. I went back a second time, with just my family, to see if service would improve. It did. Immensely. However, the sandwich wasn't as good the second time. So, therefore I conclude that consistency is not their high point.

They do have a great variety. I think I remember their menu boasts 38,000 or so different combinations available. What I absolutely do not like is their menu system. They give you a "ticket" in which you create your own order for your sandwich. I don't like it that they place cheese and meat in the same category. What that means is that if you want cheese on your sandwich, you'll have to pay extra. With the large group, they got all the orders messed up and even took the liberty of changing some of our tickets. That didn't go over very well.

It is a smallish two-storey jobber with a nice decor. The wait staff were friendly, but didn't do a great job. For example: there was one young man whose job it evidently was bring the customers their drinks. The first night, their were 11 of us at our table. He made 11 trips with one drink each time. He took about 30 minutes to do this! The second time, with the 4 of us, he made two trips with three drinks but never brought my younger child her Coke. I had to ask another waitress to bring it. My children gave it a "thumbs up".

Comments/Recommendations: I absolutely would recommend this place. I do, however, in the same breath, recommend that you do NOT go in a large group. I also suggest that you put your name on your "ticket" so that they know to whom to give the sandwich. I recommend the smoke pork sandwich and I also recommend their giant croissant and/or their baguette.

Rating: 2 Fries

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