17 April 2008

Triple O's by Whitespot

Name: Triple O's by Whitespot
City: Bangkok
Address: Central World Plaza

Website: http://whitespot.com/tripleos/tripleohome.htm

Cuisine: American Fast Food

Critique: The first time I had Triple O's was when I was visiting friends in Hong Kong. What I remember most from there is the Blueberry Milkshake that my daughter guzzled down just as fast as I did. So, when I happened upon Triple O's in Bangkok, I was EXCITED! This time I had the Original Burger, which was fabulous. Sara and Keely shared the chicken fingers, and enjoyed them as well. Another plus is free wifi, but you have to purchase something from them and obtain the daily code to get on. The food was great, atmosphere great, and I'll be going back!

Comments/Recommendations: The original burger, any of the milkshakes, chicken fingers, chicken supreme burger, or probably anything else on the menu.

Rating: 4 Fries


JasonC said...

I had meant to post a review about Triple O's in Hong Kong (Pacific Place), but didn't get around to it yet. However, I heartily endorse it also.
I got the regular burger (or cheeseburger) and it has a lot on it, including a special sauce. I am usually a no-frills burger guy; occasionally, I like a mushroom & swiss or bacon & cheddar (+BBQ sauce), but more often it is just cheese, ketchup & mustard (& maybe mayo)- no onions, tomatoes or lettuce. However, I really liked the Triple O's burger despite the fact it was loaded.
Best I can remember, the burger was about 65 HKD or just over $8 US.
There are at least 3 locations in Hong Kong.

Rick said...

I, too, intended to review Triple O's at Pacific Place, but never got a round tuit.

My opinion varies greatly from your rating. I found it to be overpriced and undervalued. The meat patty tasted (if you could actually get to it under all the sauce) like some sort of spiced water buffalo. I ate there with my colleagues, but I would have never gone back on my own "just to eat". I would have rated it 2 fries. For me, the best burger in HK was at Ruby Tuesday's or TGI Fridays.

I'm glad there is someplace in BKK to get a burger, now! I pretty well have to make do with Sonic, now! ;-)

Jacob said...

Rick, it's been long overdo since we last had a review from you. How about reviewing one of the fine dining establishments that we all miss, or a new one we may not know about? Any new menu items we should try when we get back on your side of the pond?

JasonC said...

I went back again and I will agree upon further examination that Triple O's was a bit overpriced. The "large" drink was smaller than most small drinks in the States. I actually had to ask twice to confirm that I got the right size. The small is like a Dixie cup.

I still liked the burger, but I can't afford to eat their regularly.