14 October 2006

Nanning Brazil BBQ, Nanning, China

Name: Nanning Brazil BBQ

City: Nanning, China

Address: 4-1 Education Street

Website: Unknown

Photo: Bob S.

Cuisine: Brazilian Barbeque

Critique: I didn't have too high hopes for this restaurant, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. They have a decent variety of meats; many of which are within the standard "Brazilian Barbeque" genre. Some, are not. I visited on a night when regular customers were dissatisfied with the service. I thought the service was decent. I am told that they are usually much more attentive to your needs, but this night was a national holiday night and they were very busy.

They had the biggest food buffet of any Brazilian Barbeque I have been to yet, with the possible exception of one in Tai'an. They had noodles, which were very good, by the way. They had veggies, soups, and a pretty good dessert bar. I was duly impressed with the fact that they had a soda fountain and brewed coffee!

The food quality was very good. The meat was hot and tasty. The kids seem to have a good time, however, they said that they didn't really like the food. Of course, they ate a lot and enjoyed the dessert bar, so you have to consider all that.

Comments/Recommendations: This is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat in Nanning. I truly recommend your going. Being that it is the only Brazilian BBQ place in town, if you speak Mandarin, you should be able to get a taxi to it without any problems. Be sure to get the prime rib and the lemon cake. Don't forget the all you can drink pop and coffee. This is a good value for the money and a good place to eat.

Rating: 3 Fries


twidfam said...

Unfortunately, there are at least 2 other Brazil BBQ restaurant. One is actually a "South American BBQ" whatever that means:-)
Still, from what we understand, the one you rated is the best!!!

Rick said...

Thanks for the clarification. I thought someone had told me that, but they may have said that it was the "best" (instead of "only") one in town.