21 September 2006

Tivoli Ristorante Italiano & Bar, Shekou, China

Name: Tivoli Ristorante Italiano & Bar

City: Shekou, China

Address: Shop 117, Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen

Website: www.itivoli.com

Cuisine: Italian

Critique: Location. Location. Location. Those are the top three things this restaurant has going for it. On the occasion of my visit, I was met by a friendly staff who were anxious to make sure I had a good experience. My intentions were to have a nice Italian dinner, but after I saw the menu, I decided to order a steak. It was cooked almost to my specifications. It included a trip to the salad bar. I must say I have seen better salad bars at school cafeterias. A bowl of mayonnaise and bananas should not be able to qualify as a "salad". I was delightfully surprised to receive a couple of pieces of garlic toast; it was very good.

For lunch, this restaurant would be appropriate for family dining; as with many restaurants in Shekou, evening dining would require an early entrance, due to the bar atmosphere.

Comments/Recommendations: I really would recommend ordering a steak. I will go back to try their Italian and update this listing at a later date.

Rating: 2 Fries

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